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What is BUP?
What we offer to you
BUP is a social network of influencers and a tool to connect companies and influencers. Through search criteria, such as, desired social network, number of followers, age of audience, type of industry and much more bup allows companies to find the right influencer with the right audience for their marketing strategy.
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Connect and chat with influencers with the audience you need.
  • Apply advanced search filters
  • Organize and compare influencers in lists
  • Chat live with influencers
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The first social network of influence
Join the first social network of influence. A platform that allows you to meet companies and influencers by sharing on the most important subject of your generation.
  • Increase your network
  • Share your ideas on your feed
  • Create useful collaborations
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Create useful collaborations
Create useful collaborations
  • In-depth Engagement Analyses
  • Check audience quality
  • Feedback and rating system
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Supported platforms
All-in-one platform
Define your search criteria, such as social network type, industry, engagement rate and more! Find out which influencers are the best to promote your brand.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram Instagram
  • Tiktok TikTok
  • Youtube YouTube
  • Twitter Twitter
  • For company
    Advanced filters
    Find the more appropriate influencer to promote your brand and discover the benefits that will increase your visibility.
    • Advanced search filters
    • Check audience quality
    • Compare influencers stats
  • For influencers
    1 profile for all your social networks
    A platform that allows you to meet companies and influencers
    • Connects with companies and influencers
    • Gathers all your influence statistics
    • Create useful collaborations

We had an incredible experience working with BUP and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks.

Jane Cooper
CEO, ABC Corporation
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