BUP offers innovative and powerful solutions to connect businesses with the most appropriate influencers for their marketing strategy

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We have brought together the most advanced features to help businesses find the most relevant influencers for their brand and help them establish useful collaborations for mutual growth.

Advanced Influencer Search
Businesses can use advanced search filters such as social media type, follower count, audience age, and more to find the most suitable influencers for their marketing campaign.
All-in-One Influencer Profile
Influencers can create a unique profile that combines all their influence statistics for all their social media accounts.
Influencer List
Businesses can organize and compare influencers into lists to make collaboration management easier.
Live Messaging

Businesses can chat live with influencers to organize collaborations and exchange ideas.

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Audience Quality Verification

Businesses can check the quality of an influencer's audience with audience quality verification tools to ensure that collaborations are effective.

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Customer Support

BUP offers email customer support and an online contact form to help businesses and influencers resolve issues and answer questions.


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